Shine Green

Big thanks to Terry Harris for this amazing drone footage of our Shine Green event

Raising Awareness for PMS

Illuminating Kings College

We are proud to have successfully illuminated King’s College in Cambridge with green lights on October 22nd, in honor of International Phelan-McDermid Syndrome Awareness Day. This memorable event was made possible by the strong support of our community.

Raising Awareness for PMS

Why Kings College Chapel?

Kings College Chapel is the most iconic landmark in Cambridge, UK. Our family has had many walks and picnics around this beautiful building.

Kings College Chapel is in the middle of the beautiful city of Cambridge and Cambridge University. How amazing would it be if #ShineGreen can attract scientists (and future scientists) to join the search for treatments or better, a cure for Phelan-McDermid?!

The Event

Beers, BBQ & Ice cream

We teamed up with some amazing local businesses to enhance the event on October 22nd, making King’s College Chapel ‘Shine Green’ even more enjoyable!

6 Bene’t Street, Cambridge served a special “Shine Green” flavour. 100% of the sale prices were donated to the Phelan-McDermid Syndrome Foundation.

15 Bene’t Street, premiered a special beer, “Shine Green OG”, on October 22nd. This was  a single “one time only” cask with all proceeds going to the Phelan-McDermid Syndrome Foundation

2 Free School Lane, Cambridge offered a 50% discount on all of their gourmet hot dogs. Simply by mentioning “Shine Green” or asking for the “OG D-O-G” to get the discount.